For those of you in brainstorming mode for your 2012 celebration, here’s one more thing to add to that list of yours: the wedding cake. While it may not be your top priority, we know somewhere down the line you’ll have to make a decision about it. Here are 5 cake trends we foresee making the cut in 2012!

Ivory with Ruffles

Over the summer we saw a rise in these romantic frills. Perhaps it’s the dreamy texture or just something different, but we predict more and more ruffled cakes for 2012.

Every year we see our fair share of white wedding cakes (be it modern or vintage). And, why not? They’re such timeless confections that, even 50 years from now, will never be out of style.

White Pearls & Diamonds


2011 was the year for “rustic elegance” and “DIY”. By next summer, we’ll see a drop in rustic, but firmly believe elegance will remain. Expect lots of luxurious, extravagant and over-the-top creations!

Multiples of Single-Tiered Cakes
The cake stand industry must be rejoicing as more and more real couples are opting for single-tiered wedding cakes (you get more flavors and creates a more filling dessert table)–a trendy idea we foresee for 2012 weddings.

Simple Yet Classically Perfect Buttercream

Buttercream and Royal Icing Cakes

Move over fondant–these creamy wedding cakes are garnering much attention. Maybe it’s that “just whipped” look, but there’s something about these heavenly items that makes you want to sneak a quick lick (hello 10-year-old-self) when no one is looking.

By Roseanne Dela Rosa

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Konditor Meister's 4-Tiered Wedding Cake


This gorgeous Greek wedding wouldn’t be complete without lots of family and a four-tiered wedding cake by our favorite Konditor Meister Inc.

Konditor Meister fall themed cake for the Brenckle's Wedding

Konditor Meister fall themed cake for the Brenckle's Wedding

Dear Konditor Meister-

As a teenager I worked for Creative Catering in Beverly as a member of the waitstaff. I came to be the go-to desert table setup-server and cake-cutter. I sampled a lot of wedding cakes and long before I ever met my husband. I knew where my wedding cake was coming from…  Konditor Meister.

Our/your cake was beautiful, delicious and perfect!

Every guest …commented on how impressed each was.

Thank you!
Victoria and Matthew Brenckle 2/20/2010

Konditor Meister's creation with diamonds and edible flowers

Konditor Meister's creation with diamonds and edible flowers

Konditor Meister

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